10th International ’Daughters of the Moonlight’ Belly Dance Competition

 2016 poster


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Conditions of the competition


Dear Belly Dancers, Instructors, Belly Dance Fanatics!


Mahasti Belly Dance Studio organizes again

in 2016


the 10th International ’Daughters of the Moonlight’

Belly Dance Competition for Duets and Groups!



CSILI Cultural Centre

4-6. Nagy-Győri István str., Budapest, H-1201



21th February (Sunday) 2016, 11AM





This is the one and only Hungarian belly dance competition exclusively for groups in the past 14 years.

The biggest and best dance schools enter the competition but smaller and newly founded studios also attend.

More and more foreign groups attend the competition so contestants here in Hungary also have the possibility to compete in an international environment.

According to the traditions the event is international so all competitors are kindly welcome both from every area of Hungary and abroad!






Categories (also the competition order of the categories):


1, Junior duets and groups

This category can be entered by groups which consist of children less than 14 years old or the average age of the group is 14. (In case of huge age gaps between the contestants the category will be divided into smaller groups).


2, Adult beginner duets and small groups

This category includes groups consisting of beginners or amateurs above 14 years, from duets up to 4 members per group.


3, Adult beginner large groups

The category is for groups consisting of at least 5 amateurs. There’s no maximum limit of members, groups attending with more than 10 persons receive an entry fee discount!


Beginners’ categories are open for those contestants for whom it is

- recommended by their instructor/master teacher/choreographer (i.e. have never been runner-ups, have danced for a long time but never been on a competition before, their level of knowledge is not enough yet to enter the pre-advanced category)

- who are not working as performers, don’t instruct or do not lead a dance school

- who dance only at hobby level


4, Adult pre-advanced duets and small groups

For groups consisting of pre-advanced amateurs above 14 years, from duets up to 4 members per group.


5, Adult pre-advanced large groups

The category is for groups consisting of at least 5 pre-advanced amateurs exclusively. There’s no maximum of members, groups attending with more then 10 persons receive an entry fee discount!


It is recommended – but not obligatory – to enter with a choreography which hasn’t received a ranking of 1-3 at any kind of a belly dance competition on pre-advanced or advanced levels.


Pre-advanced dancers’ categories are open for those dancers for whom it is

- recommended by their instructor/master teacher/choreographer

(i.e. haven’t been runner-ups before, have been dancing for a long time but have attended a competition only a few times, their level of knowledge is not enough to enter the advanced category, etc.)

- who are not working as performers, who don’t instruct or do not lead a dance school

-  who dance or perform only at hobby level


6, Adult advanced duets and small groups      

Troupes consisting of advanced dancers above 14 years, from duets up to 5 members per group.


7, Adult advanced large groups

The category is for groups consisting of at least 6 advanced dancers. There’s no maximum limit of members, groups attending with more than 10 persons receive an entry fee discount!

Those choreographies can also be entered here with which runner-up positions have already been won by the groups in pre-advanced and advanced categories. Of course it is neither a requirement nor a reason for exclusion.


All duets and groups can enter the advanced category

- of whom members have already reached a ranking of 1-3 in solo or group categories at any kind of a belly dance competition on pre-advanced or advanced levels;

- with whom the leader/instructor/master teacher dances together;

- who perform a choreography that has previously been runner-up on pre-advanced or advanced level at any kind of a belly dance competition;

- who, according to their preparedness and master teacher/instructor, possess the knowledge required at this level;

- of whom any member instructs, leads a dance school or performs regularly.


8, Professional duets, small and large groups

In 2015, we announced the new „PROFESSIONAL” category


Due to the rapid development of numerous Hungarian and international dance competitions and dancers, more and more belly dancers surpass the „Advanced” level with regard to dancing skills, competition experience and rankings.


Therefore, all duets, small and large groups can enter the professional category

- if the members enter competitions on a regular basis, who like to

 compete but have “outgrown” the advanced category,

- if the members are dance instructors themselves, but do not want to compete

 against their students who enter in a different category,

- if the members are professional or semi-professional dancers, who perform

 regularly and want to compete against dancers with similar skills,

- if the members have already proven themselves in the solo category and would

like to work in a group – if only for a single performance – with other

professionals, semi-professionals, instructors,

- whose instructor, leader has recommended to enter the competition in the

Professional category (e.g. to make room for fresh advanced groups,

or because their skills have surpassed the advanced category).

- We also expect such groups which are regularly winning in the advanced categories in Hungarian/international dance competitions, and want to compete against professionals as a challenge.

- Furthermore, the professional category is open for such groups where the instructor and the advanced, professional level students perform together.


Choreographies which have competed several times before and have won runner-up rankings are also eligible, but we encourage fresh productions to enter as well.


9, DIVA duets, small and large groups

!NEW! In 2016, we introduce the new „DIVA” category


In the recent years, many of you were expressed great interest in this opportunity. We’d like to favour the dancers with DIVA category, who

- have been dancing for decades,

- or started dancing as adults,

- or have passed „that much” years and wouldn’t like to compete with far younger contestants in the same category.


If the average age of the members of the group is over 50 ages, here is the oppurtunity to compete!


In category DIVA dancers can compete in duets, or in small and large groups too. Please sign your level of knowledge (beginner/pre-advanced/advanced/professional) on the entry sheet, so that can help the jury at the scoring.





The organizers reserve the right to merge or subdivide the categories, depending on the number of contestants.

In case You are unsure which category is appropriate for You, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will help You find the ideal solution.







Deadline of entry:

10th February, 2016

The number of duets/groups can only be maximum 40.

The entries are processed according to the order of application unless the quota is reached by the number of contestants (i.e. if the 40 groups apply until the 10th of February, the entry is closed by that day).

It is unfortunately not possible to extend the deadline of entry.


Requirements of valid entry:

- filing the application form (via e-mail or post)

- paying the entry fee and presentation of the credentials,

- sending the music via email until the 10th of February (in a format of MP3 if it’s possible).




Entry fees:

- Duets           – 4300 HUF/person, 16 Euros

- Groups        – 3200 HUF/person, 12 Euros

- In case the maximum of 40 entrees is not reached, payment of entry fee is also possible after the 10th of February. The fee will be then for duets 4730 HUF/person, for groups 3520 HUF/person

- Discount: the fee/person in case of every entering group above 10 members will change to 2700 HUF


- There is no opportunity for a new entry at the event place.


Every contestant will receive to her entry

- 1 performer’s ticket, with which she can take part of the competition

- 1 ticket for free, with which she can invite her friends, family, cheering people. Of course more tickets can also can purchased at a discount price. The tickets include a slip with which the audience can vote on their favorites and a voucher with which you can receive services for discount prices.


- All contestants are free to enter with limitless choreographies if they accept the terms to pay the entry fee in case of every choreography.



Terms of payment:

- Personally at the instructors of Mahasti Belly Dance Studio.

- Via bank transfer. Different bank account numbers are sent in cases of company or private transfers!

- In case of transfer please include the followings in the notice field:

- name of the group,

- the names and number of the participants,

- the title of the choreography.


Time requirements for dancers:

Duets - 1:30-4:00 min

Groups - 2:00-5:00 min

Exceeding time is only allowed for 10 seconds maximum. After 10 seconds the person in charge will mute the music!



Process of the competition:

Registration of the contestants is at the desk by the main entry from 10:15.

Walking around the stage is possible during breaks.

Order of categories: Junior, Diva, Beginner, Pre-advanced, Advanced, Professional



Dances are performed in a reversed order compared to the order of application,

that is the group that applies first to a category performs its dance last and the group filing its application last will dance in its category first.

(Therefore it is recommended to apply as soon as possible!)


Arriving at least half hour before the performance is obligatory.


The order of performances will be available on www.mahasti.hu, on https://www.facebook.com/events/822035547916223/ at FB Events, and will also be sent via e-mail to the representatives of the groups.

The order will be placed at the location of the contest at visible places and on the doors of the changing rooms.




The headcount of the jury will be 15-20 persons, who will score openly from 5 to 20 points.

Contestants will receive shared rankings in case of a tie and the jury will decide about the prices with a draw.

Most of the members of the jury will be well-known representatives of the Hungarian belly dance community and assignees of the sponsors.

An announcement will soon be made about the jury and the prizes.


Main objectives of jurying:

- usage of space, stage-setting

- collective harmony in the group

- communication with the audience

- presentation, visualizing the emotions

- correspondence of style of the dance piece performed with the style of the music (i.e. harmony of the music and the costume, usage of specific steps and movements connected to specific styles and rhythms of music, etc.),

- correspondence of difficulty of the choreography with the technical knowledge of the dancers (i.e. you don’t have to perform an advanced choreo if you’re beginners)

- functional usage of the dance instruments,

- creativity, artistic effect,

- costume correspondent to the performed choreography, to the personality of the performers and the meaning of the choreography.


- Performances must contain at least 50% of oriental movements (including fantasy and fusion choreographies as well!). In case of failing this condition the jury will define the piece as „cannot be scored on belly dance competitions” and will not score it.


-       Jury will receive the following data on the scoring sheets:

Category (and level of knowledge), Name of the school/studio, Name of group, Teacher, Choreographer, Style, Name of the choreography



The deadline of sending the music is the 10th of February!

Sending of music can be done by the instructors of Mahasti Belly Dance Studio or via e-mail as well.

All the music will be written to one CD and will be copied to a pendrive as well.

Please keep an extra CD with your music by yourself at the competition.

If the music is handed in on a CD then the CD can be taken back after the competition in the technician’s room.





Other conditions:


If less than 4 applications are filed for one category, then the category will be merged with another one (different knowledge levels won’t be put together of course, etc.). In case of a category merge a prior announcement will be sent.



Any new or old choreography can only be entered in case of mentioning the name of the choreographer (which can be a person or a group as well). In case of a choreographer from abroad a copy of a valid permission or a usage contract is a must.


There is no limit of age.


There is no limit of group members in the group categories for the stage of CSILI’s theatre room as it is at least 80 square meters.

The background of the stage is black/dark so consider choosing a costume that won’t blend into the background.


There are no style restrictions. You are free to enter with any kind of eastern dance, it doesn’t matter if it’s folk, modern, oriental or fantasy, dance theatre.

IMPORTANT! The jury won’t compare different styles of groups but takes into consideration the compliance of the style with the one presented on the entry sheet.  The style given on the entry sheet will be presented on the scoring sheet as well. (Raqs sharqi, drum solo, saidi, fusion, fantasy, tribal, modern pop, show etc.)

Revolutionary pieces and traditional, classic dances are also very welcome.


Usage of any dance instrument is allowed, except fire items (because of safety hazard).


In case of injury
”Contestants accept and understand with the application that competing might cause injuries. For this neither the organizer of the contest, the location, nor the visitors can be held responsible in case of an injury or any other harmful consequence of competing. The leader of the competing group undertakes the responsibility to inform the group on this issue.

In case of sickness or injury of a contestant during the competition, the attendant of the contestant/group is obliged to report the sickness/injury to the contest organizers in order to call for medical help. Contestants state with the application that they have read, understood and consider the terms of contest application to themselves and their group as obligatory.”


Behavior, other advice:

If you’re a beginner contestant, please read the following article:


Of course the article is not obligatory, but it is very useful to previously know what the jury will take into consideration.




Organizers reserve the right to

- change the rules and the order of the contest any time during the competition or to cancel it.

- disqualify a contestant any time during the contest if she breaks the rules of the contest or her behavior harms the reputation of the event, the organizers, partners or sponsors.

- switch and assign contestants to and in another category according to their level of knowledge.


- Contestants may not raise legal demands or objection towards prizes; organizers do not undertake to distribute all prizes and gifts.

- All costs of taking part of the event encumber the contestants.

- The application can be withdrawn and the organizers pay the whole application fee back until the 10th February, 2016. After that date the organizers are not able to pay the fee back.





Please send your application, further notices or questions here:






We wish you a good preparation, successful competition and joyful dance!


Mahasti and the Organizers


vasárnap, 2016, február 21 - 11:00 - 18:30