About me

Mahasti (HU)

international jury member, recognized teacher and coreographer, leader of Mahasti Bellydance Studio and art director of the group Mahasti and the Daughters of the Moonlight.


My stage name Mahasti is of Persian origin, meaning „You are the Moon”. I’ve chosen this name as the Moon equals the Woman with all its attributes in almost every culture. This is also why my dance group has been named Daughters of the Moonlight. 


I’ve been dancing from the age of three and been living bellydance as a lifestyle for 17 years now. I’ve learned and continuously been studying bellydance and dance pedagogy from enchanting foreign teachers. 

My dance school, the Mahasti Bellydance Studio has been operating since 2001.

From September 2005 I have headed the Bellydance faculty for a year in the Monász Higher Education Institute, then I’ve established the Mahasti Hungarian Bellydance Institute, where I was supervising the Bellydance specialty.

Beginning of 2003 Daughters of the Moonlight group was born. Its members are professional dancers, the best and most dedicated girls of our studio. We have gained success after succes since we work together.

We have travelled through the whole country with our shows.

Under my guidance and my coreographies, the group has earned best places in every domestic competition, so now for the last couple of years we are mainly concentrating on international dance contests abroad. We’ve been mostly awarded with very significant places. The most recent one is the 1st. place at the 7th Bellydancer of the World Contest organised by Leyla Jouvana on 23rd of November, 2013, where the group successfully performed a Mahasti-coreography.


I have never ceased to teach and dance neither during my pregnancies nor after the birth of my 3 children, thus I am delighted to run courses for pregnant ladies or mommies with small kids and even more love to have stage shows with them and their little angels. 

 Big belly dancing :)


Selfknowledge and spiritualism is not just part of my life, but organic part of my art. The relationship between the art of dance and spiritualism can be seen maybe the most impressively in our theatre oriental dance performance piece called Transorient, or in our also prize-winning coreography, The Orchid, that can be viewed here: 



I’m a linguist and translator by my original qualification. I had my diploma exam from Eastern Slavic comparative linguistics and I had been preparing for my PhD from this science. As in my whole life I was after the title of linguist PhD and after taking as many language exams as possible, so it wasn’t an easy decision at all to choose the art of dance and my family as the meaning of my life. Even if the letters „PhD” are not in front of my name and I only have 4 language exams, I feel happy and have a blessed life as a Woman. I am glad that I’ve decided to walk on the road which I’ve felt the call for wholeheartedly.

I like to teach bellydance, to witness how my students’ knowledge is evolving from day to day, how their souls are opening and their femininity burst in flowers. Through teaching and through my students the miracle is present daily in my life. This is what fuels me and I am pleased to be their companion on their physical-spiritual and mental journey in life as a woman.


The theachers in my studio are from among the best qualified bellydancers of the country. They not only share their technical knowledge, but they are able to convey their enthusiasm and vocation towards the dance. They also help the ladies who are learning in our studio to rediscover and fully live the Woman inside them,  with all coats and layers of it